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Monthly Letter from the Pastor

April 2022

Letter from the Pastor


Letter from the Pastor:

 …that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the
resurrection from the dead. -Philippians 3:10-11

Spring is here and that means a lot of things in the Goldsboro area: warm weather, green
grass, blue skies, and new growth. Before moving to Goldsboro almost three years ago, I
always favored the change of season from summer to fall. But after a cold winter in “the flats”
(as Ezra calls it), spring is a welcome and needed reprieve. Spring is about new life and fresh
hope. Looking out of the back window of my house, I see the resurrection of the landscape in
full motion. Formerly blank bushes are filled with beautiful blooms. Seemingly dead, leafless
trees come to life with green growth. White, overcast skies now replaced with brilliant blues. Spring is about new life and resurrection, which is why it is altogether fitting that we celebratethe resurrection of our Lord and Savior during this season.
But one of the difficulties with resurrection, is that in order to appreciate the power of it, we must first experience the weakness of a season of death. I believe that is exactly what
Paul is saying in Philippians 3 when he longs to know the true power of Jesus’ resurrection. He
understands that in order to know the great high of the resurrection, he must first know and
experience the great low of suffering and even death. It is only in our dying that we can truly
be raised from the dead. It is only in knowing Christ’s suffering and death that we can truly
experience new life. Even as we sense new life in the world around us, I wonder if we have
known the power of new life in Christ. In this resurrection season, we should, with Paul, long toknow the power of Christ’s resurrection even if that means sharing in His sufferings and
becoming like Him in death.

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